A literary analysis of on the pulse of morning by maya angelou

For those who like to delve deep there are also lesser known poems, equally worth time and effort. From slavery through to the joys of love, the humanity in these poems shines through. A book I keep returning to. Analysis of "Still I Rise" This stirring poem is packed full of figurative language and when read through comes over as a sort of secular hymn to the oppressed and abused.

A literary analysis of on the pulse of morning by maya angelou

Background[ edit ] When Angelou wrote and recited "On the Pulse of Morning", she was already well known as a writer and poet. She had written five of the seven of her series of autobiographiesincluding the first and most highly acclaimed, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Although she was best known for her autobiographies, she was primarily known as a poet rather than an autobiographer.

After her rape at the age of eight, which she depicted in Caged Bird, Angelou memorized and studied great works of literature, including poetry.

According to Caged Bird, her friend Mrs. Flowers encouraged her to recite them, which helped bring her out of her self-imposed period of muteness caused by her trauma. Kennedy 's inauguration inand the first Black woman.

The press also pointed to the nation's social progress that a Black woman would "stand in the place of a white man" at his inauguration, and praised Angelou's involvement as the Clinton administration's "gesture of inclusion".

Even though she suspected that Clinton made the request because "he understood that I am the kind of person who really does bring people together", [9] Angelou admitted feeling overwhelmed, and even requested that the audiences attending her speaking engagements pray for her.

The symbols in Angelou's poem the tree, the river, and the morning, for example paralleled many of the same symbols Clinton used in his speech, and helped to enhance and expand Clinton's images. African-American literature scholar Mary Jane Lupton [1] Burr compared Angelou's poem with Frost's, something she claimed the poetry critics who gave "On the Pulse of Morning" negative reviews did not do.

Angelou "rewrote" Frost's poem, from the perspective of personified nature that appeared in both poems. Frost praised American colonization, but Angelou attacked it. The cost of the creation of America was abstract and ambiguous in Frost's poem, but the personified Tree in Angelou's poem signified the cultures in America that paid a significant cost to create it.

Angelou's poem was influenced by the African-American oral tradition of spiritualsby poets such as James Weldon Johnson and Langston Hughes, and by modern African poets and folk artists such as Kwesi Brew and Efua Sutherlandwhich also influenced her autobiographies. Lupton has argued that "Angelou's ultimate greatness will be attributed" to the poem, and that Angelou's "theatrical" performance of it, using skills she learned as an actor and speaker, marked a return to the African-American oral tradition of speakers such as Frederick DouglassMartin Luther King, Jr.

She wore a coat with brass buttons, a strange reminder of the eight-year-old Maya Angelou who stood in a courtroom, terrified at the sight of the man who had raped her". Capturing the hope embodied in the human spirit, it was a solemn and joyful reminder that all things are possible.

She wished us 'Good morning' in her poem, and one felt as if a new day was truly dawning. Poet David Lehman agreed, stating that although it fulfilled its theatrical and political objectives, the poem was "not very memorable".

Plumpp found Angelou's performance "brilliant", but was "not as enthusiastic about it as a text". Bantam Books had to reprintcopies of all her books to keep up with the demand. Random Housewhich published Angelou's hardcover books and published the poem later that year, reported that they sold more of her books in January than they did in all ofaccounting for a percent increase.Oct 30,  · Analysis of Poem "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou.

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A literary analysis of on the pulse of morning by maya angelou

Literature. Analysis of Poem "On The Pulse Of Morning" by Maya Angelou. by Reviews: 4. "On the Pulse of Morning" is a poem by writer and poet Maya Angelou that she read at the first inauguration of President Bill Clinton on January 20, The televised reading of her poem “On the Pulse of Morning” at the inauguration ceremony of President Bill Clinton in January, , represented a crowning moment for Maya Angelou, who had.


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Analysis of 'On the Pulse of Morning' by Maya Angelou Angelou has been figured a national celebrity since the reading of her poem, ' On the Pulse of Morning', at President Clinton's inaugural in

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