Achieving the ultimate victory

This is the standard, though not the best, English translation. Which translation do you have? We have long resisted posting a page like this, because Clausewitz's comments are routinely taken out of context and sometimes badly misused.

Achieving the ultimate victory

Unlike other wonders, the International Space Station can only be acquired through the International Project from the World Congressand the process follows the same specifics as the other International Projects. In order for the Project to become possible, at least one civilization needs to discover the Satellites technology.

Once underway, civilizations can contribute Production towards its completion by selecting it in the city production list.

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They can build parts for the space station, train some of its crew, and ultimately organize its construction in space and house its ground control facility. When complete, civilizations receive bonuses based on how much they contributed.

Mission Control Highest contributor: One-time research boost The minimum Production requirement for each reward assumes the game is being played in standard settings Standard map with 8 civilizations and Standard game speed.

Strategy Edit This is the last International Project, available close to the end of the game. This means that very often this project may not be completed, either because nations are too busy trying to hamper each other's progress through the World Congress to propose the necessary Resolution, or because someone simply achieves victory before the project is complete.

If it does get completed, though, the International Space Station becomes the ultimate weapon towards achieving a science victoryboosting tech progress in a variety of ways. Unlike other Projects, the winner's prize is a permanent world wonder, meaning that whoever owns it will reap the benefits for the rest of the game.

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The very nature of the bonuses most benefits nations with lots of Specialists - those who also produce lots of Great People. In addition, the winner gets an immediate boost in tech research, both by a one-time effect and by getting a free Great Scientist!

This means that whoever wins the first place will become a major contender for science victory - if you're not this lucky guy, beware! You can get the current world completion status by holding your mouse over the current build of a city working on the International Space Station.

It is updated as each civilization has its turn, which can give you an idea of who is contributing and how much. Civilopedia entry Edit Constructed from prefabricated modules launched individually, the International Space Station is a habitable, low-Earth-orbit satellite.

It arose from the merger into a single multinational program of three national initiatives to establish a permanent orbital platform for research and exploration: To date, astronauts from 15 countries have lived and worked on the station.

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The International Space Station is the largest artificial body in orbit, and can be seen with the naked eye from Earth under the appropriate conditions.Achieving the Ultimate Victory People often say time flies, and they tend to complain that there is never enough time to finish their tasks.

As people begin to treat time as a precious commodity, they become pressured to focus on completing the small tasks and consequently, forgetting the bigger picture.

The ultimate goal is victory.

Achieving the ultimate victory

And if you refuse to work as hard as you possibly can toward that aim, or if you do anything that keeps you from achieving that goal, then you are just cheating yourself. Nov 04,  · Anthony Rizzo tribute to David Ross highlight of championship celebration CAPTION Chicago came out to support the World Series champion Cubs during a .

The Ultimate Victory.

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The Victory of Jesus Christ for the Believer Against All Opponents. 1 Corinthians I. Introduction A. When a sports team plays representing its country against another country, and wins, did its country win, or did the team win?

Young men without a father figure in their lives will be provided with role models and positive influences that will bridge the father gap and help develop them as leaders to become a positive influence in the world and support them in achieving the ultimate victory – .

Teams - The Key to Victory Ride Success Defeating cancer takes teamwork — the teamwork of doctors, researchers, patients, the V Foundation, our mission partners and you. Create a team for the Victory Ride to Cure Cancer, and invite others to join you — and .

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