Act admission ticket

Overview[ edit ] Members of the public can buy a ticket at a ticket window or counter, called a box office in the entertainment industry this term is also used for the total receipts. The ticket check may also be there, or it may be separate. Tickets may also be available from resellerswhich typically are commercial enterprises that purchase tickets in bulk, and resell them to members of the public, adding a surcharge.

Act admission ticket

The admission ticket serves as proof that you are registered to take the ACT on a given day.

More info on how to pick and upload one below. The information that ACT, Inc. Be sure to enter it on your answer sheet exactly as it appears on the ticket. Your name and address.

Information about what to do when you get to the testing center: At the bottom of the page there is additional information, including your testing number and any accommodations you need. The ACT admission ticket shows that you are the person actually signed up to take the test—hence why it has a picture.

The ticket is a relatively new requirement and is designed to make it harder for people to cheat by having someone else take the test in their place. The first step to getting an ACT admission ticket is registering for the test.

Act admission ticket

I would recommend registering online, but most of the following info applies even if you registered by mail, although, in that case, you should receive an admission ticket in the mail.

There are a lot of restrictions on what kind of photo you can use, and they can feel somewhat overwhelming. Here are ACT, Inc. Your photo must be a clear image of ONLY you not blurry, grainy or fuzzy against a plain, background.

Act admission ticket

The photo must be a full face-and-shoulders shot, squarely facing the camera. You must use a portrait, not landscape, photo that is correctly oriented. You must be facing the camera. You cannot wear dark glasses.

If you wear a head covering daily for religious reasons, adjust it to provide a full-face view. The photo should have a plain background. If you have a digital version of your school photo, just use that!

Another good option is using a webcam to just snap a photo with your computer—as long as you do this in a well lit place, the photo quality will be fine.

Otherwise, get a friend or family member to help you take a headshot with a phone or digital camera. If you registered by mail, you will still need to either upload a photo or submit a hard copy. Only have a black and white printer? Your ACT ticket printout can be in either color or black and white, as long as the information is clearly visible.

You Lose Your Ticket? This problem is easily solved: Just go to the ACT website, sign in to your account, and print your ticket! Again, this problem is easily fixed.

If you realize that your name is misspelled or your address is missing a number, just log into your account and click on "Make changes to your registration.

You cannot take the test without your ticket, so you want to avoid this situation at all costs. The night before the test, gather everything you need for the test together and put it in one easily accessible place.

What to Bring on Test Day

If you do end up at the test center with no ticket, you can try having a friend or family member who lives nearby print it out and bring it to you. You must have your admission ticket to get into the test center. Print it out at least the night before, and make multiple copies if you often lose things.

Your picture must be recognizable as you and it must have a plain background. You can reprint your ACT admission ticket at any time. Just log into your online ACT account.

Try starting with our guide to the 5 tips that you must usewhich will get you thinking about the test in the right way. Disappointed with your ACT scores?

Download our free guide to the top 5 strategies you need in your prep to improve your ACT score dramatically. Have friends who also need help with test prep? Alex Heimbach About the Author Alex is an experienced tutor and writer.The Act requires that admission tickets to any athletic contest, dance, theater, concert, circus, or other amusement shall have the original price printed on the face of the ticket.

The Act also allows an individual to resell admission tickets in excess of the original. The ACT admission ticket shows that you are the person actually signed up to take the test—hence why it has a picture.


The ticket is a relatively new requirement and is designed to make it harder for people to cheat by having someone else take the test in their place. May 23,  · Re: Act Admission Ticket Print As per the request let me inform you in case of loss of ACT admission ticket all what you have to do is get to there official web page and then click for ACT Web account and login for the new copy of your lost ACT admission ticket.

Registering for the ACT Test online also allows you to print your ACT admission ticket. You will need to select an appropriate test date that will give you enough time to . To request a refund of these optional services, write "REFUND" on your unused admission ticket and mail it to ACT Registration, email [email protected] with "REFUND" in the subject line, or write a letter including your identifying information and the test date and test option for which you registered.

When you register for the SAT Subject Tests, you’ll get an Admission Ticket (most students will get a printable ticket online) that shows your name, your photo, and other information you give us.

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