An analysis of the indian demography and crisis

Recent reports indicate that radiation traces from this device have been discovered in sediment below the mountain. Giving India unparalleled access to monitor and intercept outgoing and incoming internet traffic from China.

An analysis of the indian demography and crisis

These costly mistakes will continue to haunt India for generations.

An analysis of the indian demography and crisis

It is a saga of naivety, blinkered vision and inept leadership. Hari Singh was the reigning monarch of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in He was vacillating when tribal marauders invaded Kashmir in Octoberduly backed by the Pakistan army.

Unable to counter them, Hari Singh appealed to India for assistance and agreed to accede to India. Indian forces blunted the invasion and re-conquered vast areas.

First, India erred by not insisting on unequivocal accession of the state to the Dominion of India and granted special status to it through Article of the Constitution.

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Secondly, when on the verge of evicting all invaders and recapturing the complete state, India halted operations on 1 January and appealed to the Security Council.

It is the only case in known history wherein a country, when on the threshold of complete victory, has voluntarily forsaken it in the misplaced hope of winning admiration of the world community.

Thirdly and most shockingly, the Indian leadership made a highly unconstitutional offer of plebiscite in the UN. As a fall out of the unresolved dispute, India and Pakistan have fought numerous wars and skirmishes with no solution in sight. Worse, the local politicians are holding India to ransom by playing the Pak card.

Kashmir issue is a self created cancerous furuncle that defies all medications and continues to bleed the country.

It was often stated that a peace loving nation like India did not need military at all. The armed forces were neglected. Political leadership took pride in denigrating the military leadership and meddled in internal affairs of the services to promote sycophancy.

Foreign policy was in shambles.

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Intelligence apparatus was rusted. When China struck, the country was caught totally unprepared. Troops were rushed to snowbound areas with summer clothing and outdated rifles.

Despite numerous sagas of gallantry, the country suffered terrible embarrassment. India was on its knees.

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With national morale and pride in tatters, India was forced to appeal to all nations for military aid. Under the agreement, India agreed to return the strategic Haji Pir pass to Pakistan which it had captured in August against heavy odds and at a huge human cost.

The pass connects Poonch and Uri sectors in Jammu and Kashmir and reduces the distance between the two sectors to 15 km whereas the alternate route entails a travel of over km. India got nothing in return except an undertaking by Pakistan to abjure war, an undertaking which meant little as Pakistan never had any intention of honouring it.Demographics: India's Greatest Economic Advantage (And Weakness) Why New Delhi must take advantage of a key area of economic power.

The Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW or RAW) (IAST: Anusaṃdhān Aur Viśleṣaṇ Viṃg) is the foreign intelligence agency of was established in following the intelligence failures of the Sino-Indian war, which persuaded the Government of India to create a specialised, independent agency dedicated to foreign intelligence gathering; previously, both domestic and foreign.

On Sunday, December 26, a magnitude earthquake occured about miles west of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. In the aftermath of the quake resultant tsunami waves have killed over , people in towns and villages along the coast of the Indian Ocean.

This course is designed to provide an overview on epidemiology and the Internet for medical and health related students around the world based on the concept of Global Health Network University and Hypertext Comic Books.

Professor Jane Falkingham Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor of Demography and International Social Policy,Director of ESRC Centre for Population Change.

An analysis of the indian demography and crisis

The demographic features of the population of Japan include population density, ethnicity, education level, health of the populace, economic status, religious .

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