An argument in favor of raising the voting age to twenty five

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An argument in favor of raising the voting age to twenty five

Donate The National Minimum Drinking Age Act While the year-old drinking age seems embedded in American society, it is a relatively recent innovation. Most people do not know that the drinking age was only made a national law inand only after a determined battle by special interest groups.

An argument in favor of raising the voting age to twenty five

The temperance movement used selective prohibition drinking ages as a stepping stone approach to their goal of outlawing all alcohol. Finally, they did achieve the goal of total Prohibition of alcohol, and in the 18th Amendment to the constitution was ratified.

Although due to the seeming ineffectiveness of Prohibition and the change in public opinion, the 18th Amendment was repealed in by the 21st Amendment.

What followed was a compromise with the lingering temperance movement and the modern drinking age. This was changed due to the baby boom generation and the Vietnam War. Between andnearly all states lowered their legal ages of adulthood, including thirty that lowered their legal drinking ages as well, usually from 21 to If people were required to fight and die in a foreign war, then they should be allowed the privilege of drinking alcohol.

This generation exercised previously unheard of clout and political muscle, and through years of protest and many valid arguments this generation of youth gained back some lost liberty. After this period, however, public sentiment changed. The baby boomers were aging and the freedoms they for which they fought for themselves no longer seemed important when they involved someone else.

The late seventies and late eighties were marked with an excess of highly publicized studies that claimed teenage alcohol was out of control and was turning into a devastating problem of epidemic proportion.

This and the national mood produced an environment primed for the anti-youth, anti-alcohol legislation that became the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of This bill was created and acted upon by many dynamic people.

The person who had the most impact upon this legislation was Candy Lightner, founder of the MADD organization, after a drunk driver killed her daughter in After that traumatic event, Lightner turned her grief into revenge and founded the powerful lobbying organization that claimed a membership of three-hundred thousand in 44 states by Another highly visible person was the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

Reagan later changed from opposition to support, formally announcing this on June 13, Many congressmen were involved in the long process that created this piece of legislation. This amendment was the first piece of legislation he has successfully sponsored since his election in Opposition was further led by Sen.

Howard was also the person who had offered the legislation that set a nationwide speed limit of 55 m. After its founding, MADD set out on a massive campaign to raise the drinking age on a state by state basis, and then finally on a national level.

Howard, who proposed an amendment to the transportation bill, H. There was much controversy surrounding this bill due to the multitude of pet projects that were added onto the bill.

On June 7, the House voted in favor of the amended highway bill. Lautenberg who proposed the drinking age provision choose then to add it to H. However, Lautenberg was blocked from bringing his amendment to the floor by Sen.

A Congress Divided The most passionate and heated discussion over the drinking age amendment occurred on the Senate floor. The opposition, led by Sen. The pending Lautenberg amendment, however, which would coerce States into establishing a year-old drinking age, should be rejected because it would result in Federal encroachment into areas that have been reserved to the States under the Constitution.

It is clear that all powers not specifically delegated to the Federal Government by the Constitution are reserved to the States and to the people. Nowhere in the Constitution has the power to regulate the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages been delegated to the Federal Government.

Those who want to expand the power of the Federal Government beyond that granted to it by the Constitution have found various mechanisms for achieving their objective. Almost every Federal tax dollar returned to the States has strings attached; the Lautenberg amendment would tighten the knot.

This practice, as embodied by this amendment, is nothing short of blackmail by the Federal Government.

An argument in favor of raising the voting age to twenty five

It is inconsistent with the Constitution, contrary to sound principles of federalism, and not in the best interest of our country. Therefore, the Lautenberg amendment should be rejected.

How about 30, 35, 40? The Humphrey amendment lost by a margin ofand the Lautenberg amendment passed by a margin of The votes were largely non-partisan, although there was more Republican support for the Humphrey amendment.No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.

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