Analysing the article manufacturing and marketing the american bungalow by scott erbes

World Tourism Organization, The traditional tourist-generating countries in Western Europe and the USA are seeing more travel to long-haul destinations in the Caribbean, the Pacific, Asia and Africa. Tourism is becoming a more global activity, and as real per capita incomes and discretionary leisure time availability increases, some of the traditional tourist-receiving countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and within certain social groups in India, are now generating increasing numbers of outbound tourists. The table should be interpreted with caution as it is compiled by the WTO from data supplied by member countries which do not always have reliable or definition-consistent statistics.

Benelux In Sri Lanka Tourism: Visitor Motivation Attending Tourism Festivals: Fazeela Jameel Ahsan2 David Yong Gun Fie2, Assoc. Soultana Tania Kapiki Tourist Motivation to Visit a Heritage Site: Harimukti Wandebori, MBA Typologies of Modern Tourism and Modern Tourists: Destination weddings in tourism industry are often placed under the term wedding tourism, which refers to international trips that are taken by tourists to either get married or celebrate their wedding TII, In United States, one in ten weddings is a destination wedding, which is a massive increase over the last decade BRS, Consecutively, wedding coordinating companies, airlines, cruise lines, hotel chains, resorts and other stakeholders are discovering that they can profit substantially by making destination weddings a part of their tourist offer.

Their neighboring countries have realized the potential this can have on their economies, and are including the destination wedding aspect in the marketing campaigns, and moreover putting effort and investment into promoting themselves as wedding destinations.

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On the other hand, Mediterranean area also has a fast growing wedding tourism, however without the equivalent support from the government tourism bodies in terms of development and marketing. Since there is no data available to represent the situation with wedding tourism in the Mediterranean, a research has been made among 93 Mediterranean wedding agents.

The results help to analyze the current and potential development of the industry in the area, government support and the marketing strategies used over the recent years from both public and private stakeholders. In most Central American and Asian countries, the public sector realized the opportunities that lie in this niche and got involved in promotion and development by closely collaborating with the private sector.

According to the results of some American studies WHI, TIAA,getting involved in wedding tourism seems to be paying off for those placing attention to it.

Analysing the article manufacturing and marketing the american bungalow by scott erbes

Considering a wedding is intended to be a once in a lifetime event, couples usually spend large amounts of money in order to have the day of their dreams. However, the wedding day itself does not create the industry.

Weddings form a part of event tourism that is based on the primary aspects of tourism, such as traveling, wedding guests staying over, catering and entertainment Saayman, and involve an entire range of services and visitors that are making use of these services are contributing to the economic value of that region.

Analysing the article manufacturing and marketing the american bungalow by scott erbes

Everything that a wedding couple and their guests do on a trip — eat, sleep, rent a car, take a taxi, shop, change foreign currency etc, is included in the tourism industry activities of a destination. It means that all of the economic activities of hotels, restaurants, shops, tour guides, banks, entertainers and basically every job that has a direct or indirect impact on tourism is part of the tourism value chain.

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Due to such wide scope of tourism industry, also makes establishing the exact financial input of all private stakeholders quite difficult, however it creates a beneficial outcome for all stakeholders involved.

Weddings also provide a significant income to local authorities through providing the registrar services for civil ceremonies and some also expanding their services. Additionally, an increasing number of attractions and buildings are seeking to diversify their income through renting spaces for wedding ceremonies and receptions — art galleries, museums, town halls and community centers can all be found on venue search listings alongside country houses, castles and hotels.

As a result, all stakeholders and events combined can bring millions of dollars profit to certain countries GDPs. Statistics support this theory. According to Guinness book of records the most expensive wedding ever held was for an Indian couple, in France inwith the total cost of 78 million dollars.

Destinations surely cannot rely on such individual cases, however developing a wedding destination image can contribute to receiving smaller, but still significant profit share.

Concurrently, the industry is mainly driven by small independent businesses — such as venues or caterers — and as a result its value is often overlooked at destination level.

Although in the case of Mediterranean, the private sector has built solid grounds and there are sufficient capacities, marketing of this niche industry on a national level is almost nonexistent.Ch 6 - Comparing Prices The nature of the article or service to be purchased and whether it is highly competitive and readily available in several makes or brands, or is relatively noncompetitive; o.

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The proper workout clothes will make exercising more comfortable and enjoyable. Figure 2: Marketing channels influencing customers’ purchasing decision In terms of international marketing distribution, 62% of the respondents that are conducting weddings in more than one country use differentiated marketing strategy for each country.

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