Bakery industry in india

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Bakery industry in india

Bakery industry in India - Innovations, trends and challenges Monday, 17 November, Due to the rapid population rise, the rising foreign influence, the emergence of a female working population and the fluctuating eating habits of people, they have gained popularity among people, contributing significantly to the growth trajectory of the bakery industry.

Bakery holds an important place in food processing industry and is a traditional activity. With regard to bakery products, consumers are demanding newer options, and the industry has been experiencing fortification of bakery products in order to satiate the burgeoning appetite of the health-conscious Indian.

A number of healthy products have been launched in the bakery segment, and are gaining popularity at a high rate. The mounting presence of bakery chains has further triggered the growth in the sector.

Bakery products, which include bread and biscuits, form the major baked foods accounting for over 82 per cent of the total bakery products produced in the country. It enjoys a comparative advantage in manufacturing, with an abundant supply of primary ingredients required by the industry, and is the third-largest biscuit manufacturing country after the United States and China.

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The bakery segment in India can be classified into the three broad segments of bread, biscuits and cakes. Despite the fact that there are many automatic and semi-automatic bread and biscuit manufacturing units in India, many people still prefer fresh bread and other products from the local bakery.

Since the advent of multinational companies MNC selling pizzas and burgers in the country, people are changing their tastes also.

Today, they are not restricted to bread, cakes and biscuits, but to other bakery products also. With new launches by a few companies like Britannia, Biskfarm and Morish, competition has increased.


The popular biscuit variants in India are glucose biscuits, Marie, cream biscuits, crackers, digestive biscuits, cookies and milk biscuits.

As far as the Indian biscuit market is concerned, the shares of the branded and organised sector and the unbranded and unorganised sectors are 60 per cent and 40 per cent respectively.

Indian bakery products, especially biscuits, are in great demand in developing countries. Major players in this sector, like Parle, Britannia and ITC Foods, have captured the markets to a great extent, with Britannia holding the leadership position. In terms of value, Britannia and Parle account for around 38 per cent share each of the total volume of branded biscuits marketed in India.

Britannia Industries, with an expected retail value share of nine per cent of the baked goods category, proved to be the most successful player in Baked goods are expected to grow by constant value at a compound annual growth rate CAGR of two per cent over the forecast period.

The urban regions of India witnessed rapid growth and expansion of modern retail outlets in However, modern retail outlets, such as hypermarkets and supermarkets, continued to remain low, compared to the overall retail scenario in India.

Some of these modern retail outlets also had dedicated sections to bakery products. Organised and unorganised bread players contribute around 45 per cent and 55 per cent of the total bread production, respectively. The organised sector comprises around 1, small-scale bread manufactures around India, 25 medium-scale manufacturers and two large-scale industries.

The branded packaged segment in this sector was estimated to be worth Rs 17, crore inand is expected to grow at per cent in the next three to four years. The bread and cake market is much more fragmented, with multiple regional and local players.

The major players in the bread segment are Britannia and Modern Industries Ltd, who hold about 90 per cent of the market share includes Britannia and Modern Industries Ltd.

The bakery industry in India has witnessed an annual growth rate of more than 15 per cent during the past years.

Bakery industry in india

There is an immense growth potential in the global and domestic markets. The unorganised bread sector comprises an estimated 75, bread bakers, mostly located in the residential areas of cities and towns. Thirty-five per cent of the total production comes from the small scale sector, with about 1, units in operation.

Key Industry Data - Bakery Product Manufacturing

As the bread industry is a low-margin business, cost control is crucial in sustaining profitability in the long run. Innovation With the advanced aspiration for increased socialisation, Indian consumers are forcing the demand for more hang-out options.

The menu may also feature soups, salads, and other dishes, made using wholesome, locally-sourced ingredients, cooked and served fresh. These can include eggs in various avatars, freshly-made sandwiches, rolls, wraps and baked beans on toast.Bread and bakery products remaining as basic food products for human nutrition, continue the graphic of late years demonstrating the consumption in global.

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The Indian bakery industry is one of the biggest sections in the country’s processed food industry.


Bakery products, which include bread and biscuits, form the major baked foods accounting for over 82 per cent of the total bakery products produced in the country. AngelStarch the leading starch manufacturer and exporters in India offers food starch like maize starch, tapioca starch and textile sizing chemical, Textile sizing one shot product.

The bakery industry in India today has an important place in the industrial map of the country.

Bakery industry in india

Moving ahead, the sector is expected to see more internat ional brands entering the Indian market. India Biscuits Industry came into major existence and started gaining a sound status in the bakery industry in the later part of 20th century when the urbanized society called for ready made food products at a tenable cost.

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