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Archives Canada Muir Creek was one of the first sites in the new British colony to be claimed by settlers. It was named for a Scottish coal miner, John Muir rightwho had arrived in Victoria in when it was still a fur trading fort. In Muir set up a sawmill further along the coast, where he could prosper by cutting down the huge Douglas firs.

Beacon lumber analysis

The report by the expert panel of the UN Security Council identified Chinese-origin trucks shown in a military parade last April carrying China's new KN submarine-launched ballistic missile.

It is the second significant transfer of strategic missile technology from China identified by the panel. In June the panel revealed the sale by China in of six to eight transporter erector launchers, known as TELs, that are now part of North Korea's first road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile system, the KN However, analysts said the wheel launchers are too wide for logging roads.

The launchers are made by the Sanjiang Special Truck Co. An earlier UN report in April said Chinese electronic components were found in debris of a North Korean missile test that landed in the Sea of Japan in The latest disclosure on Chinese military assistance to North Korea comes amid reports the regime of Kim Jong Un is rapidly developing long-range nuclear Beacon lumber analysis while stepping up threats to fire them at American cities and territory.

Rick Fisher, a military affairs analyst, said the Chinese assistance increased the threat to the United States.

Jonathan Aggett, CAIA

Other Chinese vehicles spotted with missiles in the April parade include what appeared to be a Sinotruk A7 tractor-trailer cab, seen carrying a new, unidentified North Korean medium-range missile.

Mobile millimeter precision-guided artillery rockets also were seen on the same Sinotruk vehicle as the KN The artillery rockets were first paraded in and the Sinotruk carriers appeared upgraded in the April procession with a hardened grille.

The Chinese trucks were shown in videos and photos published by North Korean state media. The UN report outlined some of the advances made by the North Koreans, including the first flight tests in February and July of new long-range missiles and new rocket engines, as well as the flight test of a Scud variant with a maneuvering warhead.

Maneuvering warheads are more difficult to track and shoot down with anti-missile interceptors. The recent missile developments represent "a significant expansion and diversification of [North Korea] programs.

The UN panel included a vague warning to China to stop its the missile-related transfers. A second company, Korea Kumsan Trading Corp. According to the report, the Chinese defended the transfers as not prohibited under the Security Council embargo. China then claimed it could not confirm that the trucks seen in the parade, bearing the mark "Sinotruk" on the fuel tank, were produced by the Chinese companies because Beijing was not provided the vehicle identification numbers.

The report was published on Sept. The report does not mention the nuclear test, North Korea's sixth test blast. The Security Council on Saturday voted to impose additional sanctions on North Korea, including a ban on Pyongyang's largest export, coal.

However, the experts' report said North Korea has easily evaded China's restriction of coal purchases from North Korea. After China suspended coal import in February, North Korea "has been rerouting coal to other member states including Malaysia and Vietnam, and has shipped coal through third countries," the report said.

China was not named as the member state guilty of facilitating banking services for the North Koreans. The report notes that North Korea "has made significant technological progress" in advancing its weapons of mass of destruction despite sanctions.The Upson Beacon Newspaper Online.

Published By Josh Gish An architectural firm responsible for the design and construction of Thomaston’s new Public Safety Complex has yet to be determined, but a discussion regarding the solicitation process for pre-design services was brought before the city council in last week’s .

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Beacon lumber analysis

(April ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). We Need a Paper Revolution! "Papierwende" is a travelling photographic exhibition on paper consumption in Germany (right). It reaches out to schools and communities with the environmental battlecry "We Need a Paper Revolution!".

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Beijing says vehicles were for civilian use, not covered by sanctions

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