How to write a pop song bassoon

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How to write a pop song bassoon

On A Knife Edge: My post-university doldrums in the late s were musically bereft, with grunge having fizzled out, nu-metal being mostly a whiny lumpen bore, and very little of interest to be found in Britpop or its listless antecedents.

Luckily, two bands came to my aural attention at roughly the same time, and supercharged my enthusiasm to absurd new levels that have yet to subside well over a decade later.

Songwriting Prompts and Lyric Writing Exercises

One was Mogwai an epiphany blogged about at excessive length herethe other came to me via a track played on John Kennedy's show on XFM in its pre-Capital days, before it mouldered to shite, employed Bob Geldof and started playing Jamiroquai.

I stared at the radio, ecstatic, agog, then set about slavishly following this band. Over the next couple of years, it became apparent that they were part of a vibrant and communal - if fairly niche - London scene, populated by the likes of Foe, Art of Burning Water, Ursa, Rothko, Camp Blackfoot, Max Tundra and Nought.

They were a motley collection, their styles disparate, but shared, perhaps, a certain exploratory ethos. All this time, what I was only barely aware of was the existence of a pioneering, unique and deeply cultish band called Cardiacs — not only were these strange and lovely people a major influence on my new favourite band, but their exalted leader Tim Smith produced the Monsoon Bassoon's first and, thus far, only album, I Dig Your Voodoo.

Discovering Cardiacs through the Bassoon is entirely badger-about-sparrow, but nonetheless, that's how I stumbled across a whole new world of unfettered deviant joy that has shaped my life ever since. Following the premature implosion of the Bassoon of which more anonhe found himself joining Cardiacs ditto and playing with a whole bunch of bands on the fringes of UK rock music — Chrome Hoof, Guapo, North Sea Radio Orchestra, even the Medieval Baebes, by crikey.

However, Knifeworld is Kavus's most-favoured musical baby — a long-in-gestation solo project, now blossoming into a full band. Both on the debut album Buried Alone: Tales of Crushing Defeat and the new EP Dear Lord, No Deal, Knifeworld flaunts all of the characteristic Torabi features — complex, winding structures, daunting musicianship and vast ambition, but with a primary focus on strong melodies, fizzing energy and, well, pop.

Yes, it's prog, but it's a strident, irresistible prog you'll sing in the bath. The Quietus rudely invaded Kavus's space to drill his brainbox about his life, work and assorted kipple, as well as the ongoing efforts to raise funds for Tim Smith after his debilitating stroke in Who or what first got you into music?

Brian Setzer, Stray Cats. My parents weren't really into music, and there wasn't much around the house. I think it was seeing them on Saturday morning TV. It was just, 'Oh god, this is what I wanna be. I've got to be this guy. Was it always the guitar that appealed to you?

Actually, I think I started trying to play the drums.

Project Bassoon Quartet’s tracks

I say drums… I tried to make a snare out of a biscuit tin and cling-film. But I wasn't really any good, so I moved onto the guitar. To be honest, I've always wished I was a drummer. I've always envied drummers. They're the most important member of any band. I'm much more interested than drums than I am guitar.

I could happily reel off 30 drummers I'm really into, whereas guitarists I'd struggle to find five that I want to listen to for any great deal of time.

how to write a pop song bassoon

I can recognise a drummer straight away — if Dale Crover just hit a cymbal I'd be able to tell you it was him hitting it. But guitarists generally all sound the same to me. I'm really a frustrated drummer.Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Debussy, Mahler, Ravel, Stravinsky all of the great composers could read, write, and think in music notation.

There are many resources for learning to read music out there, and a quick google search should point you in the right direction. The idea that someone might have mistaken his bassoon for a rifle, he said: “never crossed my mind”. It’s virtually expected that Asian kids will learn music. American kids are learning teen pop and rap.

Third, Americans need to learn firearms. It’s hard to convey in writing the tone of these interactions. Suffice it to say that.

A Guide To Song Forms – AABA Song Form. This song form is used in a number of music genres including pop, jazz and gospel. Site Crew conduct draw on their experience and contacts to perform interviews, and write quality articles on a variety of subjects. You Can Write Better Lyrics by Mark Winkler.

I’ve been writing songs for over 30 years. I’ve had of them cut by famous singers like Liza Minnelli and Dianne Reeves, and written songs for a hit off Broadway musical and have had tunes on the soul, pop, county, dance and jazz charts.

By choosing a classic song that is part of the pop canon from the s, Pinhead adapts the original intent and message Mitchell sought to convey into their own version, stamping the song indelibly with a loose, rough, energetic drive of their own.

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