Materials handling

Reduction in total cost of production can be achieved by either reducing materials handling or by improved handling procedure or both. Improved handling system can increase the capacity in the following ways: Racks or containers that stacks item upon each other making full use of air space should be preferred.

Materials handling

Design of material handling systems[ edit ] Material flow diagram between activities in a layout Material handling is integral to the design of Materials handling production systems since the efficient flow of material between the activities of a production system is heavily dependent on the arrangement or layout of the activities.

If two activities are adjacent Materials handling each other, then material might easily be handed from one activity to another. If activities are in sequence, a conveyor can move the material at low cost. If activities are separated, more expensive industrial trucks or overhead conveyors are required for transport.

The high cost of using an industrial truck for material transport is due to both the labor costs of the operator and the negative impact on the performance of a production system e.

Although granular, liquid, and gaseous materials can be transported in bulk, they can also be contained into unit loads using bags, drums, and cylinders.

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Unit load design involves determining the type, size, weight, and configuration of the load; the equipment and method used to handle the load; and the methods of forming or building and breaking down the load. For in-process handling, unit loads should not be larger than the production batch size of parts in process.

Large production batches used to increase the utilization of bottleneck activities can be split into smaller transfer batches for handling purposes, where each transfer batch contains one or more unit loads, and small unit loads can be combined into a larger transfer batch to allow more efficient transport.

Also, the practical size of a unit load may be limited by the equipment and aisle space available and the need for safe material handling. It can expose workers to physical conditions that can lead to injuries that represent a large percentage of the over half a million cases of musculoskeletal disorders reported in the U.

Using the exact conditions of the lift height, distance lifted, weight, position of weight relative to body, asymmetrical lifts, and objects that are difficult to graspsix multipliers are used to reduce the maximum recommended weight for less than ideal lifting tasks.

Automated handling[ edit ] Industrial robot Whenever technically and economically feasible, equipment can be used to reduce and sometimes replace the need to manually handle material. However, ongoing advances in sensing, machine intelligence, and robotics have made it possible to fully automate an increasing number of handling tasks.Materials Handling and Process Design Engineers.

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Materials handling

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This presentation provides general safety and health information on materials handling and storage and should be modified to address site-specific conditions and hazards.

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