Medical marijuana ethical issues

It is also a problem rooted in conflicting values. Thus, while the courts and law enforcement authorities continue to crack down on marijuana use, they also have to contend with a growing public acceptance of marijuana use.

Medical marijuana ethical issues

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For purposes of this white paper, the term accounting services should be considered as defined within ARS to mean: During its considerations of this matter, the Arizona Board of Accountancy has considered the following materials: State Bar of Arizona Ethics Opinions Business Appraisal Within the Cannabis Industry: The ultimate appraisal challenge issued by Ronald L.

Obstacles to Legalizing Marijuana: Providing Services to Businesses in the Marijuana Industry: A Sample of Current Board Positions. The authorized sale of medical marijuana is legal in the State of Arizona and the State of Arizona has mandated that such sale be performed by licensed and regulated medical marijuana dispensaries.

Further, the State of Arizona has mandated that to renew their license such medical marijuana dispensaries must retain a certified public accountant to perform an audit of the financial statements of such entity. The Arizona Board of Accountancy recognizes that while the state of Arizona has a law that legalizes the sale of medical marijuana, the Federal Government does not have such a law.

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As there is a dichotomy between Federal and Arizona law, the Arizona Board of Accountancy can make no determination of how such a conflict might ultimately affect a medical marijuana dispensary or any of its service providers. Hence, the Arizona Board of Accountancy has concluded that during the contemplation of acceptance of any accounting services engagement for a medical marijuana dispensary, an Arizona registrant should diligently evaluate and address the potential risks and uncertainties associated with providing such services.

Registrants should carefully consider the criteria provided in auditing standards and other professional materials, as well as professional guidance specifically related to providing services to the medical marijuana industry. Further, the Arizona Board of Accountancy has concluded that merely accepting an engagement to provide accounting services to a medical marijuana dispensary does not, on its face, constitute an act discreditable to the profession and it will not pursue independent disciplinary action against an Arizona CPA registrant based solely on such acceptance.

The Arizona Board of Accountancy recommends that Arizona registrants considering providing services to the medical marijuana industry read the materials referenced herein, professional standards applicable to the professional services to be provided and guidance offered by State and Federal regulatory bodies, including, but not limited to the Internal Revenue Service, the U.

Medical marijuana ethical issues

Department of Justice and the U. Securities Exchange Commission and any other authoritative materials available that frame the issues contemplated herein.Over the years, medical marijuana (cannabis), derived from the leaves of the Cannabis sativa plant, has been the subject of continual controversy in terms of both its clinical use in state-sanctioned dispensaries and its place in public health policy.

Today, the medical use of this illicit. Joshua James Frey is clear: “Without medical marijuana I would be dead.” This Marine Corps veteran is a two-time Purple Heart awardee.

Medical marijuana ethical issues

He is among the former warfighters, led by the American. Essay on Medical Marijuana Ethical Issues Words 8 Pages The process by which society detects and interprets information from the external world in a utilitarian theory claims: one should always do the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

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Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members must update their information to make sure they still qualify for health coverage. Members are usually asked to renew their information once a . Is the American Academy of Pediatrics’ opposition to cannabis legalization just reefer madness revisited?

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Medical Marijuana and the Changing Federal Regulations