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Radiesthesiste pau

What is Radiesthesia Radiesthesia is the science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using specially calibrated instruments and a scale of qualitative measurement to decode this information Vibrational Field Matter, from which everything in the universe is a form of energy is an infinite arrangements of atoms made up of particles that are in a constant state of circular motion, i.

The frequency at which this energy is vibrating determines the density of its expression as matter. Matter vibrating at a relatively slow frequency gives us the solid state of our physical universe.

Superimposed on this solid state of matter are energy fields that vibrate at higher frequencies which are beyond our normal human sensory perception, but within the perceptual spectrum of other life forms common house pets see, hear and smell stimulants that we cannot perceive These energy fields are unperceived only because the technology which renders them perceivable has not been developed, very much like X-rays and radio waves were not perceived not so long ago.

These fields that surround all living systems are a series of multidimensional energy fields, that together with the physical state, form the total living body that should be dealt with as a holistic composition. On the physical level, any interaction between objects can usually be observed, evaluated, tested, or corrected; if we hit an object, it breaks and we bruise;, we take a medicine it has a fairly predictable reaction and so on.

When energy systems are in close contact, the resulting interaction will modify the vibrational properties of the systems. What radiesthesia does, is allow us to extend our perception to tune into an unperceived world beyond the normal range, thus giving us a view into the realm of vibrational interaction and opening unlimited avenues for research into understanding the true holistic nature, not only of our bodies, but of the universe.

To the skeptics, this might be difficult to accept, but such is the nature of evolving sciences. The Science Of Radiesthesia In Radiesthesia, our body is the main instrument, because what we are doing is entering into a vibrational relationship with the object we are measuring and evaluating the quality of this interaction on our own body.

The human spinal cord is like a wire with an electric current running through it;, the electric impulses generate a detectable electromagnetic energy field around it.

Another important aspect that happens when two energy fields are in resonance is a type of information exchange on a vibrational level, where a DNA like coded energetic signature of each is imprinted on the energy field of the other.

Unfortunately, we have no senses that can perceive this information even though it is in our energy field. This is very much like the radio and television waves that are all around us at a frequency beyond our perception, when we turn on the proper equipment these energies become translated into visible images and audible sounds within our perceptual range of sensitivity.

Some people have the extrasensory ability to access this information, however distortion usually occurs in the process of translation because what they perceive will be colored by their own experiences. Information Exchange In the practice of radiesthesia, we are not bound by time and space.

Initially, this might seem absurd but if we remember that we are working on a vibrational level not necessarily bound by the limitation of our physical senses. To illustrate this concept, let us examine what happens when we use the sense of hearing.

Sound waves move the air and hit the ear drum much as the wind hits a sail. Normally the stronger the wave, the more pronounced is the reaction of the sail.

In hearing, the mechanical effect of stronger sound waves hitting the surface of the ear drum results in our hearing louder sounds; however, there seems to be a process that enables us to selectively tune out or tune in to any type of wave regardless of its strength, to react to that specific wave and alter our perception accordingly.

This is usually achieved by an act of will in the form of selective focusing and can be illustrated by the following example. If a person is speaking in a loud voice, the listeners will usually hear that voice and not other voices which may be whispering nearby. However, if the listener chooses, he can concentrate on the whispering voices and hear them, in effect blocking out the louder voice of the speaker.

Or consider the example of a person who is daydreaming about an occurrence in a far away place in the past. This person will actually hear the voices of the people in that daydream and his vibrational fields will be in resonance with them and not his immediate surroundings.

Radiesthesiste pau

These two examples illustrate how we can get information about anything we are in resonance with, irrespective of time and space boundaries. Sample In order to establish resonance with an object either to gather information, to search or heal, etc…a sample of that object is needed.

A sample in radiesthesia refers to something that has all the vibrational properties of the object or person we want to measure, just as samples of blood, tissues or urine are taken for laboratory testing in orthodox medical practice. In radiesthesia however since we are dealing on the vibrational level, we have a wider range of samples to choose from.

Saliva, and photographs that reflect the geometrical composition of the features, displaying its unique vibrational quality are commonly used as samples.

A vibrational samples, continue to reflect the energy status of its source over time and regardless of distance. This aspect is very important, especially, in healing as the practitioner is able to monitor and evaluate any changes on the sample.

This aiming process is what we call mental tuning or selective resonance. Mental tuning can best be understood if we return to the example of our ability to selectively hear lower sounds or voices instead of louder ones. A powerful analogy that might better demonstrate the power of focused selectivity is the laser beam; ordinary light waves from a light bulb, are incoherent waves traveling randomly in all direction, if this energy was to be made coherent, the resulting focused beam could probably cut through steel.

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