Teaching zach to think

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Teaching zach to think

Zach founded Grom back inwhen he was 12 years old. Now Teaching zach to think year-old high school student, Zach attends the online Lighthouse Christian Academy as a full-time student. I recently had a chance to chat with Zach about Grom Social, the idea behind it, and the importance of online responsibility.

So what exactly is Grom Social—what do users do on the site?

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Grom Social is a safe social networking site for kids ages five to Grom is similar to other popular social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, but is designed specifically for children with a focus on safe content.

Users can make friends, post photos, play games, and stream the original, kid-friendly content we produce. We also spend a lot of time creating new videos to keep our audience engaged. How many users do you have and who are they? Right now, we have about 13 million users across countries, which breaks down to 6.

However, overare 7 years old, and overare 8 years old.

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The site and both apps on Android and iPhone are completely free. Considering this is all free, how do you sustain the venture? Grom is a publicly traded company, so technically we are owned by the very people we wish to serve—our users.

We do have a number of partnerships with various companies and organizations, and are also present in over 3, schools across the country.


What led you to create Grom Social? By the time I was 10, I already had an interest in coding and computers, as well as a general interest in social media. It was around that time when I convinced my parents to let me have a Facebook page. I also began to see things on Facebook that were inappropriate for someone my age.

My parents made me delete my account, but I secretly made another one using a false name. This led to me wanting to build a social network that was just for kids. Kids are exposed to social media at a younger and younger age, as technology like cell phones and iPads become more easily accessible.

According to a study by the Centre for International Governance Innovation, 1 in 3 internet users are children.

Teaching zach to think

With this increased access comes increased curiosity about social media, especially as peers begin to use it to chat and engage with friends. You were only 12 when you created Grom. How did you manage to get this all started? What were a couple of the biggest practical challenges? I was lucky to have the support of my parents and their network.

While they helped with the business perspective, the idea for Grom and its overall design—including special characters that focus on issues like bullying—was formed by myself and my siblings.

One of the main challenges when we started was hosting the site on a server that could handle the amount of traffic we were receiving. We decided to shut down this version and build a better one with more original content and additional safety measures.As an early childhood teacher, I think this is a great resource for teachers and parents.

The book is written with discussion questions at the end of each chapter to assist grown-ups in delving into the topic of death with children.

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Teaching zach to think

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