The high rate of teen pregnancy in urban schools

The authors suggest this may contribute to the relatively high levels of STDs evident in the United States.

The high rate of teen pregnancy in urban schools

Teen pregnancy refers to women, aged years old, who have given birth. Why does teen pregnancy matter?

How California Reduced Its Teen Pregnancy Rate

Patterns show that pregnant mothers are more likely to have hindered education and career achievement, thus earning lower wages over their lifetime.

Teen mothers are also more likely to be in low socioeconomic status. Socioeconomic status, or SES, is measured as education, income and occupation and is conceptually thought of as a social class. Children from low socioeconomic backgrounds are typically faced with decreased resources and health care, and increased stress which in turn, leads to lower academic achievement.

When the child grows up, they are at much greater risk for unemployment, dropout, committing violent offenses, incarceration, and early parenthood in young adulthood. Furthermore, it creates a national problem because the tax payers are paying extra costs in welfare, health and foster care.

How do we measure teen pregnancy?

In an effort to more accurately examine the effects of teen pregnancy, only the number of actual births are used. Teen birth rate is the number of women, agedthat give birth out of 1, women in that population.

Teen birth rate Percent change in birth rate: The same trend applies for Fall River. From tothe teen birth rate in Fall River declined by 39 percent. Birth rate fell from On a state level, Massachusetts has the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy that focuses on three missions; promoting safe sex behavior, empowering teenagers and young adults, and acting as an advocate in public policy to prevent teen pregnancy.

National Programs The Center for Disease Control and Prevention operates on a national level to integrate services, programs and strategies through initiatives to prevent teen pregnancies. They offer a comprehensive list of other national services aimed at teen pregnancy prevention here.

Data sources Births Vital Records.

The high rate of teen pregnancy in urban schools

Massachusetts Department of Public Health.Rates of teenage pregnancy and STIs in the United States remain alarmingly high, and disparities persist by gender and race/ethnicity. A large body of evidence supports the implementation of comprehensive sexuality education as one solution to this problem.

High school students are having sex at the lowest rates in decades with teens having sex later and the teen birth rate hitting new lows.

as well as 17 large urban school districts. The effects of teenage pregnancy on the behaviour of learners at secondary schools in the Mankweng area, Limpopo by MALAHLELA MOYAGABO KATE submitted in accordance with the requirements.

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A variety of search terms were used, alone or in combination: teenage parents, student parents, school-age parents, adolescent parents, child care, childcare, school-based child care, pregnancy, student achievement, drop-outs, and graduation. Teen pregnancy can pose concerns for students trying to complete high school academic requirements.

Nearly one-third of teen girls who drop out of high school state early pregnancy and parenthood as keys reason for their decision, according to Pregnant teens may feel embarrassed about going back to school, struggle with morning sickness or fatigue, and .

Teen pregnancy and motherhood rates stand at 18%.

The high rate of teen pregnancy in urban schools

About one in every five adolescent girls (aged 15 to 19) has either had a live birth, or is pregnant with her first child. About one in every five adolescent girls (aged 15 to 19) has either had a live birth, or is pregnant with her first child.

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