Unit 082 promote creativity

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Unit 082 promote creativity

You must provide answers to each question that allow your examiner to properly assess what work duties you are doing or what role you have within your work. It expected that you will need approximately words per question.

The more detail you provide the less likely your account will be sent back for more clarification. Effective team working is about first of all setting clear aims and objectives to be achieved by staff members. This is communicated in the Staff Handbook and Code of Practice and during staff induction.

Performing effective induction, followed by mentoring, coaching or shadowing experienced and skilled staff is a powerful tool for new starters in order to shape them as effective team members.

Unit 082 promote creativity

Moreover, during this process new employees build up quickly their knowledge about organisational and team culture, behavioural patterns, communication systems in place etc.

Establishing and maintaining open communication and honest, trusting relationship between staff members at all levels is important for effective team performance.

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When clear and effective communication systems are in place staff feel free to address any work issues. In the care home I work in the main forms of communication are handovers, communication books, note boards, staff meetings and supervisions.

Although they are implemented as communication tools they have not been used effectively. During the first week of my employment as a manager I had identified serious issues, related to effective team working. The monthly audit of the setting shows a very high staff turnover, high sickness record, due to mainly short notice absence, excessive use of agency, staff qualifications bellow the requirements and poor overall training record.

Consequently, the team working culture was very negative. Blaming culture was adopted as an excuse for incompetency and unsatisfactory work performance.

Unit 082 promote creativity

New starters and agency staff were feeling unwelcomed and isolated from the old team members. Staff main explanation for poor practices and bad performance was that the service setting has been taken over recently by a new company and also there has been appointed three service managers within a year, which caused confusion for staff.

Staff, including senior staff was not able to identify reasons for ineffective team work. Followed my report we discussed further the actions, which should be taken in resolving these problems. The main challenge I had faced was implementing effective communication systems, which can involve staff members in effective working.

The main strategy I had applied at this stage was friendly approach and leading by example. To improve the communication on daily basis I had introduced a shift handover form, a notice board and staff suggestion box.

The new starters have been in great help as I managed to carry on effective induction. New employees, demonstrating commitment and willing to follow their induction training were supported and encouraged by me continually.

This helped to break the negative culture of old team members. Key working was one of the areas, completely ignored by most of the staff members.

I had printed a list of service users and their key workers, including the new starters as a co-key worker. I had encouraged new starters feel free to share any initiatives or points of view with the key workers and me.

I was delighted by the creativity and motivation of new starters, which reflected consequently on the remaining team members.

She was appointed as a co-key worker for M. She made a plan about the party, budget, invitations and advertising. I said to her how well she had done, organising the event, using her initiative and how I was impressed by her creativity.

Besides, the event was planned well in advance, nearly a month, which had given plenty of time to all parties to be prepared for. The old Autocratic Management Style is not actual or is applied in combination with other management styles, including the Democratic management style, Bureaucratic Management style or Paternalistic management style.

All these legislations are implemented in each company policies and procedures and strictly followed by all employees. On the other hand Democratic management style is applied in order to ensure effective team work in all levels of service settings. Nowadays, especially in the situation of credit crunch and budget financial cuts the care sector experience serious difficulties in managing staff level.

It is usual to see managers working together with staff members to provide direct care to service users. Secondly I think team with positive culture indicates, workers satisfaction, thirdly organizational guidelines and code of conducts are always followed by such team.

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An example would be Mintzberg, who first wrote about the 5 Ps of Strategy in Each of the 5 Ps is a different approach to strategy. As a manager it is important for me to maintain a positive culture with my team.Creative Thinking Course:Innovation course or Innovation Training course (South Africa) If you dont innovate you will be left on the scrap heap!

Register for a Innovation course or innovation training course. Demonstrating understanding of the techniques that promote creativity. Analysing own unit in terms of opportunities for innovation. The latest Tweets from The McManus (@McManusDundee). The McManus is home to 8 Galleries, Collections Unit, Cafe, Shop, Creative Learning Studio & Family Space.

Dundee, Scotland, UK. Classroom Lesson Plans Here are links to some lesson plans I've developed for use in my Creative Drama Classroom (and a few games and lessons from others as well). All of these lessons have been tested and proven successful in the classroom.

unit 12 creative and therapeutic activities, health and social care. learning aim A:explore different creative and therapeutic activities used in health and social care.

-arts and crafts and performing arts e.g. drawing, painting, photography and sewing. We encourage every student to strive for excellence to become inquisitive, creative, and compassionate problem solvers.

Learning Tree After-School program was launched with a . Unit - Promote creativity and creative learning in young children Assessment criteria Understand the concepts of creativity and creative learning and how these affect all aspects of young children’s learning and development.

Analyze the differences between creative learning and creativity.

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