What to write on graduation thank you cards

Now you just have to write your thank you notes to let everyone know how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness. Remember to keep a list of gifts as you receive them; this will help you keep track of what to write to whom when it comes time to write your notes. In your notes, it is nice to describe specifically how you plan to use the graduation gift.

What to write on graduation thank you cards

Graduation thank you note samples. My gift to you: A collection of free graduation thank you note samples.

What to write on graduation thank you cards

The first few thank you note samples are geared toward college graduation, and the last ones are more high school-related. Graduation Thank You Note Samples Dear Mom and Dad, It feels a little formal to write you a thank you note, but I wanted to officially thank you for funding my college degree.

I know it wasn't always easy but I always appreciated it. Thanks to you both, I am ready to join the workforce, educated and prepared. I also have to admit I had a blast getting my degree.

I learned so much, saw lots of new things, made lifelong friends, and had a ton of fun. I know I have you to thank for all that as well. Thank you for everything. I hope I can do it for my kids one day. Love, Dear Aunt Freida and Uncle Ted, Thank you so much for the generous graduation gift.

It will be well-used on my trip to Europe this summer. I was going to bring along my old backpack but now I'll be able to get a new one with all the bells and whistles.

I can't wait to pick it out. It was so thoughtful of you to remember me on my special day.

What Should I Write in a Graduation Thank You Card? Wondering what to write in a graduation thank you card?
Personalize the thank you message I will use the gift card to purchase some of the many items that I will need for my college dorm. Thank you so much for thinking of me on my graduation day.
Grad Thank You Note Wording It is the hard work of these coaches that their pupils enter sports and all kinds of games which they have dreamed about. From training in the morning to training at nights, coaches sacrifice their personal lives to help out their pupils.

Former, What a wonderful surprise I got in the mail today! You really shouldn't have! But let me tell you, that graduation gift will go far. I already have it earmarked for all kinds of good things.

Thank you so much! Regards, Dear Phyllis and Hank, I just wanted to thank you both again for coming to my graduation ceremony. It was great to have such a loud cheering section! Phyllis, I know I heard you for sure!

Thank you also of course for the generous gift. I can certainly use that money right now. I truly appreciate it! You are too kind! Best wishes to Jack and Jill. Sincerely, Dear Gina and Phil, I have to thank you again for coming to my graduation ceremony.

I know it was a long trip and the parking was rough but it really meant a lot to me to have you there. Thank you also for the beautiful flowers!

I'm so excited and wanted to stop and tell you how much I appreciate your help over the years.Celebrating a graduation is a great way for starting and celebrating new beginnings. Handwriting a note to provide thanks for those who issued gifts and financial rewards is a great way to personalize your words of appreciation.


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When you need to let people know how much support they have given you during your education, graduation thank you cards are the way to go. For Your Employees. Giving business thank you cards to your employees is a great way to build strong office relationships.

On the surface, giving business thank you cards seems like a small gesture – while it doesn’t take much effort to send business thank you cards, it means a lot and can generate highly positive results.

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What to write on graduation thank you cards

It was a real treat having you at my graduation ceremony. Thank you so much for being there for me throughout the years and on this momentous day. 5. Thank you so much for attending my graduation ceremony.

I know it was a long trip down for you and I appreciate your driving to be there on my special day. Thank you also for your thoughtful gift. Writing tip: You get a little more time to write thank-you cards for graduation, wedding, shower and baby gifts.

It’s still best to write and send a card as soon as possible, but for a wedding gift, you have up to three months to send it.

Graduation Thank You Card Wording Ideas and Inspiration