Why has the seriousness for school related sports decreased

Senior citizens Society Falls are "incredibly dangerous," said Dr. Rib fractures are among the most common bone breaks in older adults.

Why has the seriousness for school related sports decreased

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Maximum words Submit How stupid can people be? No, there should not be guns in school of any kind! When there is a gun, there is an option to kill.

Why has the seriousness for school related sports decreased

Without guns, that option is removed. Arming teachers is a frightening, ignorant notion. I have taught in an inner-city school for over 25 years. There are far too many teachers and administrators who fall short on their ability to lead and control their own students effectively in the classroom.

I'd be more fearful of them if they were armed. Not all teachers are stable people. It is the job of the teacher to teach.

Why has the seriousness for school related sports decreased

That's a job for police and the military personnel. It's a dangerous job. That is why their retirement is 10 years earlier than teachers. Their job is to protect. I have no problem with a police presence in schools. I have no problem with National Guard presence in schools.

That is their job. A teacher's plate is already filled to overflowing. We feed students breakfast and lunch. We care for students when there is no nurse on duty. We have lessons plans to write and lessons to teach.

We have the stress of our own evaluations, students' report cards, parent conferences, the endless stream of papers to be corrected, the crazy Common Core and thanklessness that for all of our hard work, our students are still scoring poorly on standardized tests.

Teaching is much more stressful than the average person realizes. I don't trust that an armed colleague won't snap under the pressure.

No, the protection of students and staff must be delegated to people who are highly trained specifically for that job."For parents, school staff, and policymakers to effectively address school crime, they need an accurate understanding of the extent, nature, and context of the problem," the report says.

WOODBRIDGE >> Amity Regional High School Board of Education member Tracey Russo has resigned over a new policy that she says potentially allows for a “verbal warning” as a response if a. Morning Politocadoes! Hurricane Michael was downgraded to a Tropical Storm, but wind and rain continue to pour down on states in its wake.

While the winds have decreased to 50 mph, winds have picked up in certain parts of Georgia, leading to the possibility of severe flash flooding as the storm continues on to the Carolinas and Virginia.

The sample consisted of students, the disabled, out-of-school youths, women, administrators, sports federations and community and institutional leaders.

A total of completed questionnaires.

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School principals agreed that lack of parent involvement was one of the most serious school problems. Among public school principals, poverty was described as a "serious" problem as often as lack of parent involvement. Private school principals cited poverty as a "serious" problem somewhat more often than they cited lack of parent involvement.

Apr 29,  · New York City drove up its marijuana arrests — from just under 1, in to more than 50, a year today — despite the fact that the State Legislature in .

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