Writing a blog anonymously

Deanonymizing techniques[ edit ] Fundamentally, deanonymization can be divided into two categories: If the author makes no attempt to conceal their identity, social correlation is a very straightforward procedure: Even if an author generally attempts to conceal their identity by not providing their name, location, etc.

Writing a blog anonymously

It used to be impossible to run a business anonymously. Sure, some authors could pull it off, but if you worked at an office, what were you supposed to do? Go to work with a bag over your head? But today anyone can accomplish this, because anyone can author a blog and you thought I was going to tell you to work with a mask on, or something.

Reasons to blog anonymously

Copyright Ovidiu Iordachi - Fotolia. You should consider blogging anonymously if: However, if you are thinking of blogging anonymously, you should consider these points. Reasons to blog anonymously The concept of anonymity has always held a special enchantment for some people, and, for others it is purely practical.

Whatever your blog topic, there are a five strong reasons to blog anonymously. This means that no one will be able to make fun of, disagree strongly with, or ask to be featured on using peer pressure your blog. A fresh start Creating an anonymous identity also allows you to create a new character, if you so choose.

Anonymous Blogging a Quick and Dirty Primer

Your readers might not think you could be an authority on this subject as an auto mechanic, but an anonymous identity removes this doubt. Instead, you could create a back-story to fit your blog; for this case, it could be something about how your latest entrepreneurial project is to build a blog anonymously.

This way, you can hide behind a fake identity and not worry about what others think similar to there being no pressure. You could also use anonymity to discover how people will react to your content before associating yourself with your content.

For example, if you were to start a blog involving content that you received anonymously. Also, blogging anonymously places a shroud of mystery around the author and limits your personality to how you network and write your blog. Additionally, you could make it into a marketing scheme, such as offering to reveal your true identity after reaching a certain number of subscribers.

However, I have not yet encountered any one thing that was impossible to work around or ignore, so I have remained an anonymous blogger. For instance, many of the tips here and around the web encourage you to put your link in your email signature. The only thing I use my anonymous e-mail address for is my blog, so this is redundant it would be odd to have it in my real email.

Also, linking to your blog from your Facebook page or Twitter account ruins your anonymity.In the following blog post, I will talk about my thoughts on why writing anonymously or with a pen name/pseudonym has helped me open up about my mental illness.

Why James Edgar Skye was a . 7 ways to blog anonymously {updated} 35 Replies.

writing a blog anonymously

Following today’s landmark judgement on one blogger’s right (or not) to anonymity, I thought it might be useful to post the following tips on maintaining anonymity online. 1. Use an anonymous email account to register your blog. An anonymous blog is a blog without any acknowledged author or contributor.

Anonymous bloggers may achieve anonymity through the simple use of a pseudonym, or through more sophisticated techniques such as layered encryption routing, manipulation of post dates, or posting only from publicly accessible computers.

Motivations for posting . Why I Still Blog Anonymously after 3 Years of Blogging. When I first started this blog, being anonymous was really important to me.

How to Create an Anonymous Blog – 2 Important Steps to Staying Undercover

To be honest, this blog would never have been created if I couldn’t have done so anonymously. I love the freedom of writing anonymously especially when it comes to work and careers. I am an introvert and.

Writing an anonymous blog gives me permission to play because I’m not dealing with the constraints of my already established “mundane” personality. Ways to Blog Anonymously Full-on anonymity—This style of anonymous blogging uses an obviously fake name (think John Doe), no photographs, no birthdate, no city, no hobbies, nothing.

Choose a writing prompt: Free Writing Start with a blank slate and write for as long as you like. Perspective Try to look at your situation from another person's perspective.

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